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David, Real Patient

Did you just search “Dental Office Near Me?” Good. We’re close by!

Melko Dental is accepting New Patients from Sunnyvale and the surrounding area

At Melko Dental, welcoming new patients to our office is one of the best parts of our day.

When you arrive for your first appointment, you can expect to be greeted by our team, who will review your information and make sure you feel welcomed into our practice.

From there, you’ll be taken back for X-rays and a dental cleaning, followed by a thorough examination from Dr. Melko.

She will ask about any concerns you have about the health, appearance, or function of your teeth, and together, you’ll decide on a treatment plan that will get you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Nicole, Real Patient

Patient Amenities

We believe that dental treatment should be a comfortable and relaxing experience. When you arrive at our office, you’ll find that it is handicap accessible and offers plenty of convenient parking in front of the building. Inside, we offer comforts like hot towels, neck pillows, and blankets, and our super-comfortable Adec chairs make it easy to just relax.

Payment Options

Melko Dental is a fee-for-service office. Without having to deal with insurance companies and the complications that such an arrangement can bring, we are able to work directly with our patients to make sure their needs are met for a fair, reasonable cost.

Our focus is always on clarity and honesty with our patients. You shouldn’t be surprised by the size of a dental bill, so you’ll find we are upfront about the fees for any recommended treatment. We’ll review what payment options and financing plans are available, including our In-House Dental Membership Plan.

No Insurance? Our In-House Plan is the Solution!

Dental Plan BrochureWhat would you say if we told you that dental insurance headaches and confusion are now a thing of the past? What if you could stop worrying about not having dental insurance and get the exceptional dental care you deserve without coverage? Welcome to your new normal with the Melko Dental In-House Dental Plan.

Our in-house dental plan will bring you access to world-class dentistry that’s comprehensive for your health and safer for the environment. From fillings to crowns or dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, we can help you help your smile.

Starting at just $39 a month, you’ll receive your 6-month dental cleanings, comprehensive exams, oral cancer screenings, and all necessary x-rays, PLUS an extra 10% off of any recommended dental treatment when you pay in advance.


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Healthy Adult Plan
$39/Month & $191 annual fee

  • 2 Comprehensive Exams/Year
  • 2 Dental Cleanings/Year
  • 1 Oral Cancer Screening/Year
  • All Necessary X-Rays
  • 10% discount on any recommended treatment when paid in full

Healthy Perio Plan
$51/Month & $391 annual fee

  • 2 Comprehensive Exams/Year
  • 4 Dental Cleanings/Year
  • 1 Oral Cancer Screening/Year
  • All Necessary X-Rays
  • 10% discount on any recommended treatment when paid in full

Ask our team today how you can qualify for the Melko Dental In-House Dental Plan!