Our Covid-19 Saftey Protocols

Melko Dental has always adhered to the infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We closely follow the activities of these agencies so that we are always up to date on any new guidance that may be issued.

To ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and community, we have implemented new procedures in recent months including:

1. Enhanced Training and Education for Our Team

Our entire team has attended numerous seminars hosted by the CDC, OSHA, and the California Dental Association (CDA) to become proficient in the updated recommendations for infection control standards. We have updated and added all the required equipment and
protocols required to protect our patients and team during the Covid-19 pandemic. We held numerous in-office meetings and training which included roleplaying to ensure that the implementation of the new recommendations went smoothly for the patient.

Personal Protective Equipment for our clinical staff now includes medical-grade respirators and N95 masks as well as surgical masks, isolation gowns, head caps, goggles, and face shields.
In addition to the air filtration systems, we already used in our office, we have added chairside aerosol extraction equipment which features direct capture of aerosols from the source and HEPA filtration.

2. Patient Screening

We pre-screen all of our patients at the time we schedule the appointment and again within 48 hours of the appointment. Questions during the pre-screening process are related to the patient’s overall health, recent travel, and the specific reasons for the appointment so that we can best meet the patient’s needs.

3. Patient Arrival Protocols

For your safety, we require all persons who enter the office to wear a mask and have their temperature checked by a member of our staff. We have provided adequate signage both outside and inside the office to remind all patients to maintain physical distancing and sneeze guards are in places where you may interact with staff in the reception area. Hand sanitizer is also provided. You will be escorted to the treatment room quickly and efficiently.

4. Clinical Care

We will provide exceptional care to our patients while maintaining strict adherence to infection control procedures as we always have. Our clinical staff will be wearing enhanced PPE during treatment as outlined above.

5. Walkout and Next Appointment

Patients will be required to wear a mask once again as they move from the treatment room to the reception area for check-out, and as they exit the office. We will quickly and efficiently arrange for your next appointment, and we will look forward to seeing you again!

6. Team Evening Huddle and Assessment

Our team meets for an evening huddle at the end of each day to evaluate, review and reflect on what we are doing right and where we could possibly improve to serve you better, always keeping in mind that our patient's safety, health, and comfort are our highest priority.

If you have any questions about your safety during your visit to our office or our Covid-19 protocols please call our office at (408) 663-4246.